MacInnised Contracting offers gravel removal from parking lots, spring clean ups, ongoing summer maintenance, fall clean ups as well as snow removal. 
- removal of gravel from grass areas
- edging & trimming of tree wells
- turning & raking of applicable garden & shrub beds
- removal of leaves, litter & other debris
Dethatching of green space
- Pruning shrubs & hedges under 7.5 feet
- Collect & remove all debris from green space
- Aeration where applicable and safe to do so
- First application of fertilization
Spring Clean Up
for Commercial & Condominium properties include:

Ongoing Summer Maintenance for Commercial & Condominium properties include:
- removal of litter and debris weekly
- mow & trim of grass areas weekly
- maintenance of shrubs & hedges under 7.5 feet
- tree wells & beds maintained & checked for weeds weekly
- sidewalks & entrances cleared of grass clippings
- application of fertilization based on lawns root system and growth    productivity
 Fall Clean Up
for Commercial & Condominium properties include:
- mow & trim grass for last time
- raking of gardens & tree wells for last time
- annuals removed from beds
- collection & removal of leaves from green space and beds
- application of fall fertilization
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